$40.00 Buffet Plate
Buffet Plate $40.00 ($US)  
$119.00 Set/4 Salad Plates
Set/4 Salad Plates $119.00 ($US)  
$35.50 Pasta Plate
Pasta Plate $35.50 ($US)  
$53.00 Set/2 Mugs
Set/2 Mugs $53.00 ($US)  
$79.00 Set/4 Bread Plates
Set/4 Bread Plates $79.00 ($US)  
$49.00 Set/4 Mini Plates
Set/4 Mini Plates $49.00 ($US)  
$68.00 Rectangular Tray
Rectangular Tray $68.00 ($US)  
$99.00 Pitcher
Pitcher $99.00 ($US)  
$99.00 Salad Bowl
Salad Bowl $99.00 ($US)  
$112.00 Cake Stand
Cake Stand $112.00 ($US)  
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About Lisboa: Taking inspiration from the Portuguese blue and white tiles of the 18th and 19th centuries, Lisboa makes a sophisticated and incomparable statement to any dinner table. Its intricate beauty is highlighted when combined with a simpler set. An inherently incomparable collection that captures attention at first glance.
Care & Usage: Microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe.
Costa Nova
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