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Queen Victoria Dined On It. Princess Diana Delighted To It In Her Christmas Stocking. Now Savor A Special Herend Experience Of Your Own. Herend is a sound investment in hand painted art, but not the sort to admire from afar. Its durable hard paste porcelain body and dishwasher-safe attribute make it a breeze to enjoy. Herend is perpetual, with dinnerware patterns never ... Read more about Herend »

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Chinese Bouquet collection
Chinese Bouquet
8 collections
450 items

Fish Scale collection
Fish Scale
9 collections
100 items
Fortuna collection
2 collections
22 items

Best Seller Princess Victoria collection
Princess Victoria
9 collections
143 items

Printemps collection
94 items
Queen Victoria collection
Queen Victoria
4 collections
161 items

Rachael collection
8 items
Rothschild Bird collection
Rothschild Bird
4 collections
559 items


Figurines collection
38 collections
2,270 items

Special Collections

Jewelry collection
4 items

Home Accessories

Home Accessories collection
Home Accessories
15 collections
301 items


Children's collection
1 collections
24 items

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@herendusa How about a little Herend in your stocking this year? Whether you have been naughty or nice, we have a gift suggestion for you - come check out our selection during the SHOW NEXT THURSDAY!

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